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4 juin 2014 3 04 /06 /juin /2014 11:32

Les Amis-1

Since 48 years in Congo Brazzaville, a passion, energy, a desire for change inspired all of our people. This change was called "independence". We finally brisions our channels, a unique atmosphere through our country. Hopes multiple possible "mess" were expected.

48 years later, this whole atmosphere has disappeared. Our struggle is to plan to revive these times of great hope, great utopia, and raising awareness of the Congolese to a collective project that together we will build. That is why, "we now call the change" to make profound changes in daily life and the lives of Congolese.

Our Country is doing badly

Indeed, it is unacceptable that today less than 10% of the population owns 80% of national wealth, leaving to others that share the misery.

  • It is equally unacceptable that today, all sectorsn of public education are affected, it is impossible to young school-leavers from inside the country access to university for lack of means; quiz It became impossible for young graduates to build and feed a family;
  • It is also unacceptable that very young childrenn wandering in our cities, though it is not concerned adults expected to ensure their education, their well-being;
    It is unacceptable to hear…, see, to
    n suffer deprivation in which you can find our health services;
  • It isn unacceptable to live beside military institutions unable to fully assume the republican missions that are theirs, because repressive turned into leverage for power;
  • It is unacceptable, even criminal, making the Congo's most indebtedn countries per capita, to pay for future generations the burden of debt.

So many things that are unacceptable that the Congo is now in a total loss, accentuated by a corrupt administration, bracing and maintaining this state of affairs. All this, of course, being at the expense of the majority of people forced to take refuge in religion, which is no longer just "the opium of the people" seems like others, but which became the vitamin this the same people. This religion nourishes the lives, pace their lives, their despair, their hopes, forcing them to negotiate continuously with the Angels, and sometimes other…   In short, atmospheres end of reign.

To cause such carnage, they have privatized the state. Some say the state has become "a family grocery store." We say that this is a giant casino, a casino where the jackpot is guaranteed to all coups, where one can win friends, cousins, nephews, children, mistresses… all those who want to eat on the beast and watch the rest of the people shouting famine.

Yet the hope was permitted

And yet, everything had started so well. In the aftermath of independence, we sang the Ode to Joy, 80% of children was enrolled; state-owned enterprises produced and helped to absorb unemployment. We have organized the first games Africans, we have put in place "Cultural Weeks" we have created school called "the Ecole Normale Superieure in Central Africa" we won "the African Cup of Nations and the Clubs Champions "we" of public fountains for drinking water and health clinics for care ";" Bantus of the Capital (Congo na bisso, Thank you mama), Negro Cercul Jazz Band and "rythmaient this joy etc… All Hopes were allowed.

All those who passed by the Congo, tourism or business trip, singing the praises of this beautiful country. All said that the Congo was a country of dreams. We all live this dream awake, especially since we announced that oil would flow galore. We were going to import labour: everything was possible. We predicted "food self-sufficiency for the years 2000, we were going to look like a" Little Switzerland ".

Refunding Democracy, Restore Justice, Build Prosperity

And then “patatras” boom! Everything was broken. My neighbor has become my enemy. The policies have become our tormentors. Suspicion is everywhere, greed is the breadcrumb, a clan family, friends and rogues have hands on the country, and the atmosphere is the sinistrose. All our youths want to leave: 70% of those emerging from our university have a dream, a hope, and go to seek their pittance elsewhere.

 The university has forgotten its missions: those correspond to the demands of the moment, given the taste for life and to undertake the Congo, mobilize his youth, to seek all intelligences to sustain its missions. 

Some would say: "How many jeremiads"! That is why we will stop crying and to convene the general population at the bedside of our country, to say that everything must change and change now. We will invent a different future; we will provide the means to implement it.

We must consider:

 ■ That is no possible development in an environmentn deleterious!
 ■ That is no development possible without a minimum of social
n cohesion!
 ■ That is not possible without development of a social order
n heatedly discussed and negotiated!

We will create mechanisms to "civilize" our conflicts. The "Republic" offer us this framework, a framework in which everyone can express themselves, or "rights" and "duties" are the same for everyone.

Because development requires adherence of the entire project, or at least a rational, we must ask some to leave their obsession with short-term profit, which breaks into pieces our society.

To apply for "change", we must rebuild it "link" between indignation and action, between realism and determination.

We must do more outraged us without giving us the means to act; short, rebuild a social project.

To do this, we offer a few tracks or guidelines, a non-exhaustive. We need to invent, innovate. To do this we must:

  • Setting a new institutional framework, inn revisiting the achievements of the Sovereign National Conference and our cultural heritage;
  • Setting the doctrinal framework and the base capabilityn to build defense forces and the security service of citizens and development of our country: prevention, deterrence and professionalism should be the fundamental axes.
  • Strengthen research departments and training ton university. In sum, reinvest heavily on the grey matter and in parallel to create the conditions for the return of our intelligences;
  • Develop an public employment service regionalized;
  • Develop and invest in our publicn services: to save our public education system, health, our railways, river and road, which are not only a means of opening up of our regions, but also a means of land use planning. 

Clearly, the quality of equipment and public services is an essential factor of development, competitiveness and attractiveness of our country's economy, not to mention their social and human dimension. Of course, we must adapt their organization, their purpose, their operation to the current needs of individuals, each taken apart, and society as a whole. The forms of public ownership and / or social need to be much more diversified today than yesterday. That is why we advocate first for the definition of goods or services, which by nature must guarantee equal access for all.

Then, for the definition of a charter service, management criteria which are based primarily on the user's needs, territories, for joint development. Finally financing strategies in public, which excludes no Congolese, no partner.

You will understand, we must make to ensure that there is always more solidarity between men and between the territories. The search for social cohesion is the engine of public action in the fight against exclusion, poverty, misery, which is suffering unbearable, made the "Republican Pact". Solidarity and development go hand in hand to preserve a model of society that remains open to all.

The roadmap process of change

We also appears necessary to recall that the Congo Republic is a one and indivisible, and that his Republican identity should be based on popular sovereignty and the general interest. Unfortunately, these principles have been fine by rogue practices and economic policies of another age. These denouements have had disastrous consequences within our population.

Indeed, most of our citizens now feel more politically represented. However, the Congolese have never sought as much to think for themselves. They want no more providential men, and men tend to autocratic power, narcissistic, and whose only limits as they are willing to impose themselves. Ahead of them, against powers fade and disappear.

That is why, to start the change, we demand, we suggest the convening "of a National Inclusive Dialogue" in Congo Brazzaville to break the deadlock

Indeed, our institutions can regain their legitimacy if they are based on a collective and informed debate. To reform in depth a country, society, people must feel that writing history with them, and they share.

However, we must also consider (or ask us questions) on security which is and must be a major issue of social cohesion. Because our army today is today unable to assume this role, a role it has already assumed (let us remember the crucial role it has played in the success of the Sovereign National Conference. By its discipline, his exemplary, it has enabled the maintenance and smooth running of meetings, debates, during the Sovereign National Conference from July 1990 to Brazzaville).

As a result, we know that it has the internal capacity to reflect on its shortcomings, and we propose to a new republican army capable of protecting all citizens. For these reasons and to hasten the change, we do trust him.
Let ours phrase Gaston Bachelard: "The future is not what will happen, but what we do." That is why
"Friends of the Republic"decided to lead the Congolese people driving in front of these hopes, confronting the established order.

This manifest calls for action, those who are ready to lead this fight. Because nothing will happen without our (their) personal commitment. It is time to make choices essential for our future, for the future of Congo, is the future of Congolese and Congolese.

This manifesto is a "cry" in the direction of the Congolese people. A people that has always been able to recover and say 'no' to injustice. He showed enough throughout its history, a history that "Friends of the Republic"intend to rewrite all, as part of a "Republican Pact" sealed according to our traditions and customs.

We associate it with all our parents, who one day wanted their children, all their children live happy on earth Congolese: King Makoko, Mboueta Bongo, Moe Poaty, Bissele Gaboom, Tchimpa Vita, Okemba the Mbouma, Ayessa, A. Matsoua, Cardinal Emile Biayenda, F. Youlou, Jacques Opangault, Felix Tchicaya, A. Debate Massamba, Marien Ngouabi, Maman Antoinette Bondo, Maman Antoinette Mouebara, Maman Marie Bouaga, Papa Liem, Papa Okombi, Papa Bokama, Papa Milapie, Papa Ngandzion, Papa Bakouo, Papa Mabiala, Papa Mbemba, Papa Mavoungou, Papa Engouale, Papa Mokogolonga , Papa Diloungou, Papa Boussoukou, Papa Mayette, Papa Masseyo, PapaMassanga, Papa Bouegny, Papa Ngombo, Papa Kissagna, PapaBoussiela The list is long.

Here and now, our struggle is to put the citizen, the Congolese man, the heart of our political action.

Done in Paris and Brazzaville, June 02, 2014 

"Friends of the Republic"


"The Republic is our sky. If it collapses, we will all be crushed"

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